Discussion on Academic Collaboration between Faculty of Health and Sports, University of Tsukuba and Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University

     On June 20, 2017, delegation from Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University (MCRU) consisted of the President, Assist. Prof. Dr.Chairit Siladech, Vice-President in International Relations, Dr.Akom Chaorensuk, Chairman of Physical Education Academic Program, Mr.Wattanapong On-Num, and International Relations Officer, Miss Supaporn Srisuwan has conducted a study trip to University of Tsukuba, Japan. Because MCRU has promised itself the Health-Promotion University, main objectives of the visit were to learn what U. of Tsukuba has done in order to promote health and sports for their university students and staff. Secondly, as U. of Tsukuba under the auspices of the City of Tsukaba has been organizing Tsukuba Marathon for 36 years (the 36th marathon was held under the theme “Marathon with a Scientific Look”), another main objective was to share and learn from each other on marathon race organizing experiences. For the latter both parties agreed upon that the collaboration between Chombueng Marathon (CBM) and Tsukuba Marathon (TM) can be established. One area of collaboration which can be operated shortly by July is an offer from U. of Tsukuba to MCRU an application accommodation to a group of Thai runners to join the 37th Tsukuba Marathon will be held on 26 November 2017. The offer also includes for CBM staff to observe TM and discuss with TM staff in November.

     The delegation would like to extend deepest appreciation to Prof. Dr. Yukio Yamada, Faculty of Health and Sports Science and Director of Sport and Physical Education, Prof. Dr. Yoshiharu Nabekura, Faculty of Health and Sports Science and Vice-Director of Society for Running, for a very warm welcome and informative discussion, and to Mr. Atsushi Hasegawa for arranging this study trip.

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